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Grow Your Business

Payroll, Tax Deposits, 1099's, W2's, HR, and the many other parts of having employees.

Small Business Payroll

Hiring employees and growing your small business is one of the most exciting events for any startup or small business. You are getting more customers and need employees to provide products and services to new and existing customers. Managing, HR administration, paperwork, and payroll aren’t as exciting.

Figuring out how often to pay employees, calculating payroll taxes, and if paper checks or direct deposits are best. Just getting paperwork to enter a new employee can be tough for a small business with no HR specialist onboard. At Coastal Accounting & Tax Advisors, we remove all the HR and payroll worries and stress. Removing the extra work off your plate allows you to focus on your business and your customers.

What are Payroll Services?

We provide a secure cloud-based system for employees to view paystubs and change their personal and W4 information while providing easy to understand payroll reports to the business owner. The owner or operator can process their business’ payroll or the information can be sent to us for processing. A single member business owner that takes a payroll might not need direct deposit, but they just need to know what their payroll taxes and tax deposit needs to be and how often it needs to be paid. Our payroll software even let’s us put you and your employees on automatic payments. This is great for those salaried employees or owners that need to get a paycheck due to being an S Corp. If your employee isn’t salaried, we offer time and project tracking to help your employees clock in and out.

How Often to Pay

The standard pay period is two weeks, but some industries have set the standard at paying weekly. An often question is pay period vs when to pay the employees. Ending payroll on a Friday night or a Sunday night, then payroll would be for that Friday. Having this 4 to 5 day lead time allows for you to review time cards and payroll to be processed. Paying employees by direct deposit is the easiest way to process payroll. Writing a paper check gets costly with ordering business checks and hand writing a lot checks. We upload the employee’s paystub to our secure cloud based platform to allow them to view their checks whenever they want to see them.

Employee Benefits

Providing more than just a paycheck to an employee might make a big difference on hiring and retention of employees. We assist owners in health care insurance options, 401k and other investments options, and other fringe benefits to employees. We are also able to add in workers compensation insurance to your payroll. Read here about funding your child's retirement account from paying your child from the business.


Some businesses pay contractors on a regular weekly or monthly basis. We provide the ability to track and pay these 1099 subcontractors via check or direct deposit. This help reduce the stress of the year end tax form, 1099’s.

Payroll Taxes

No more worries about missing a 941 tax deadline, underpaying the tax deposit, and filing with the state or local employment office. Under paying or missing a tax deposit can be very expensive. We take on all the responsibility of all tax reporting and payments. Taxes, deposits, and forms can be complex and tedious, but we handle it all for the small business.

Being a small business owner requires you to wear a lot of hats in the business, but we are here to take on the HR & payroll hat for you. Read how you can "entertain" employees as a business expense.

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